The village "mouser". Bailey enjoys long naps on the feed bags and chasing the occasional field mouse. Though a master napper, she is always up for an adventure. She frequently follows Julia around the farm during the daily chores.


Heather is on of the hardest working teenagers you will ever meet. She is the head of the egg portion of the operation. She also helps out in wrangling chickens and piglets, daily feedings and light tractor work. 

Johnathon is our resident wood stacker! We have tons of trees in the way, and when they come down, he stacks the wood for future use. He also helps plant, cultivate, and harvest in our personal garden.

The Farmers

Mr. Brown a/k/a Cooter Brown was given to us by another local farmer who was moving out of the country. He is fully trained in herding pigs and chickens, as well as keeping unwelcome predators away from the farm. He is one of the favorites in the family. 

Belle was brought to the farm as a puppy. She is quickly learning to chase the chickens and lay in the shade. Work hard, play harder for this one. 

Mitch & JUlia

HEather & Johnathon

Belle & Mr. Brown

Mitch and Julia are the lead farmers. Julia takes care of the daily feeding, moving, and general TLC for all flocks and herds. 


Mitch provides the muscle required to run this kind of place. Not only does he help with feedings and the daily routines, he builds the majority of the night housing for the chickens and pigs with additional support from his father.